Guided Meditation – You just listen to what this bloke says. Righto, got it

In theory, you just listen and do what this bloke says. Righto, got it!

I did it for 3 days. Three whole fucking days in a row. I felt fucking amazing, untouchable and invincible. Every person that crossed my path in the next 24 hours copped an earful about this life changing new trick that id tried. I was preaching like a gospel gangster to anyone that would listen. ‘IT JUST FEELS SO GOOD!’…

…. And then I stopped. Didn’t do it for a month. Thought about it almost daily and thrashed myself about how silly it was that I wasn’t doing it.

Inner dialogue:

“All you have to do is sit for 10 minutes and do what the guy says. Its only 10 minutes. You’re an idiot. Take some advice from NIKE and JUST DO IT!”

Nope. Just nope.

What did I do instead? I sat on my phone googling articles about how to get motivated to meditate every day. Not. Even. Joking.

  • The spiritual bogan
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