Self-Sabotage – Fuck, I’ve done it again

Im the girl who talks about health and wellness while sitting stationary, smoking a cigarette and drinking a large coffee frappe with extra cream from McDonalds. The poster girl for ‘walking (or not) contradictions.’

I am a pro at talking the talk… and my god I can talk! But walking the walk is a massive struggle for me – and not because I don’t like sweat patches on my shirt.

So why? Why does all this knowledge not equate to action?

Self-sabotage. It’s what I do when self-love and self-belief isn’t in place to motivate me towards what is important. For my own reasons I convince myself that I am not capable of succeeding. My own individually tailored “not good enough” story is quietly playing its tricks on me in the background, chiming in every now and again to remind me that I am going to fail and that no matter how hard I try, I can’t – ‘insert goal here’

Guess what? Its lying! I can… It is completely possible and I am on a journey of self-discovery to learn how.

All of these phrases that imply that it is achievable start with ‘self’ so I’m going to take a wild guess that it all starts with me.

As soon as iv finished eating chocolate and drinking wine I’ll get started on finding the answer.

Fuck… I’ve done it again

-The Spiritual Bogan

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