The journey of a spiritual bogan – Introduction

I’m stuck between wanting two different lives.

The one I was conditioned to find attractive and the one that has lead me to starting this blog.

The first one is the ‘white picket fence package’. You know the one?

Getting married, punching out a couple of kids, getting a dog, dominating the mothers group, driving a sick SUV with vomit stains and rotten food smashed into the seats that wasn’t from a rad Saturday night but from the fruit of my own loins. Yeah, that life!The Spiritual Bogan

You go on your annual family holiday to the same caravan park where every cunt remembers you from the year before because it is now the one time of the year you can actually let your hair down. You smashed 3 bottles of wine in an hour and a half and spent the rest of the night mouthing off like a bikie outlaw and hitting on everyone except your husband? No? Right, well you know what I mean.

The second life we will name the ‘no fence in sight package’.

The one that I read about on social media where you practice bulk self-love daily and you don’t need or want for anything EVER because your so fucking enlightened and vibrating like an epileptic dalai lama whilst simultaneously bending yourself in every yoga position that was ever made because you’re just SO at one with the fucking universe.

Can I have either? Can I have both?

Introducing the journey of the Spiritual Bogan!!

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